Brand New LowDown Brass Band Record!!

If you haven’t heard, LowDown Brass Band has a brand new record and it’s amazing!!!


Check it out on iTunes!

Our next show is on Saturday December 13th at the Emporium Arcade in Chicago with the Detroit Party Marching Band!

Hollowing Horns

Back in December I recorded some horn tracks on the upcoming Hollows record with Gerald Bailey aka Charles Mantis.

BrooklynVegan just did an interview with the Hollows and premiered their new song “V is For Vulture”. Nice horn fanfare at the end!

The record will be released April 10th via Trouble In Mind Records.

Hollows–“V is For Vulture”

Tour Photos

Still on tour with In The Heights–Here’s some photos of delicious food, strange places, and trombone mutes.

Best $6 dollar breakfast ever!-Toronto Canada-KARINES

Television Fish Tank-Soma Coffee Shop-Indiana University

Eggs and Lime-Lexington, KY

Canadian Coin Tower-Toronto, Canada

Vietnamese Pho-Toronto, Canada


Amazing Coffee--Again..Toronto..must get back.

Shreveport, LA

"Not missing a Chicago Winter"--Sarasota, FL

The Shadow Pit